Scanning Guide

Whenever possible, scan only from original photos. Sometimes when scanning images from printed materials (school yearbooks, for instance) we pick up unwanted information, such as ink dots, that can become visible when scanning at a high resolution. And be sure to never use copyrighted materials!

A great scan equals a great restoration!

  • Make sure your scanner’s glass is clean and dust free
  • Make sure all of the Auto-Correct features are turned off
  • Scan your photo in color mode, even if it’s a black and white photo
  • Be sure to scan the entire photo
  • Scan photos 8″ x 10″ and larger at 300 dpi
  • Scan photos smaller than 8″ x 10″ at 600 dpi
  • Scan tiny and wallet-sized photos at 1200 dpi
  • Save your files as JPEG