• Zooming in

    Restoration objective: Enlarge mother and daughter and remove the two strangers. This photo was taken in the Norwegian mountains near Sirdalen in southern Norway.

  • A memory of youth recovered

    This beautiful photo of my client’s mother as a teenager had faded dramatically and lost all of its color. A general restoration and colorization brought back to life a precious moment in time so many years ago.

  • Almost faded away!

    This sweet wedding photo presented me with multiple problems to solve. First, it was stuck to the frame glass and had to be scanned with the glass in place. It had sustained moisture damage, featured nasty stains, and had been printed on honey-comb textured paper. It had yellowed, and also faded to the point where […]

  • A beautiful moment saved!

    I fell in love with this photo—it is such a  beautiful mother-daughter portrait! But over the past 40 years the dark areas of the emulsion—especially in the faces—had developed a dense covering of white spots. This photo meant a great deal to my client, and I was so happy to be able to restore it […]

  • The Mother of all restorations

    Click here to view finished restoration in pdf format. This amazing photograph of the WWI, all black, 366th Infantry, 183rd Brigade, 92nd Division just back from France came to me in 23 separate pieces. In addition to breaking up into many pieces, the image, over the years, had become discolored and faded and had sustained […]