The Mother of all restorations

Click here to view finished restoration in pdf format.

This amazing photograph of the WWI, all black, 366th Infantry, 183rd Brigade, 92nd Division just back from France came to me in 23 separate pieces. In addition to breaking up into many pieces, the image, over the years, had become discolored and faded and had sustained water and mold damage. To begin the restoration I scanned each separate piece at high resolution (400  dpi). Second, I color corrected each piece to restore it to black and white. As a next step I assembled the pieces into one Photoshop document (24 layers)—it was like putting together a puzzle. Once assembled, the image was 62″ wide (with borders). To finish the restoration I filled in the empty spaces by taking faces, uniform parts (a uniform pocket/collar/jacket here, a leg/foot there, a hand/gun/shoe from somewhere else, etc.) until it looked natural and real. I fixed cracks and discoloration in the image, optimized the faded text to make it readable again, created a new border, evened out the overall tone, and then optimized the entire image before saving it as a high resolution pdf file—which you can view here. I want to thank my wonderful client for the opportunity to restore this precious photo for him—it features his beloved grandfather. 
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