Ravaged by Time

  1. Before
  2. After
Slowly move the slider back and forth to compare the Before and After!

Family portrait restored back to life.

This studio portrait of a mother with her two children required extensive restoration, including facial reconstruction around the daughter’s eye and replacement of a missing eyebrow where the emulsion had been ripped off. Damage like that usually occurs when a damp, or wet, photo dries and in the process sticks to other photos in a stack. Additionally, the photo was on the verge of coming apart where it had been folded in half through the middle, and the emulsion on the bottom left had cracked and was flaking off. Brown stains caused by water damage and mold had further degraded the image. Since the photo had also yellowed and faded over time, I brought it back to true black and white and I fixed the numerous cracks in the background and throughout the image. Finally, I enhanced the image with a black vignette. I think the restoration was a success!

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